There has been much virtual ink spilled over the state of Twitter recently. I guess it's time for me to add my worthless two cents! I think joined Twitter around 2008 or so and was mostly a lurker. It was a really exciting platform to be able to get the pulse of what was going on in the world.

I enjoyed the reams of information I learned about pop culture, computer security, and more recently politics and political action. I spent quite a bit of time on the platform since I'm a real geek about reading and learning new things. But, with the recent -- for lack of a better term -- fuckery with Mr. M*sk's purchase and mass-layoffs and trolling, the platform has lost its luster in my eyes. Along with the rampant real (or pretend) White Nationalists and such, I wasn't getting what I needed. Well -- what I had loved was still there, but I increasingly needed to bushwhack my way through a bunch of BS to get to it. 

Therefore, I finally decided to click the 'delete' button and am not looking back. Several folks whom I respect have said "we should stay on Twitter!" and "Let's not turn the platform over to the loonies!" But I say, what the hell do I care if they take over the platform? It's not my neighborhood, city, or government. Furthermore, thinking that a random social media platform actually equates with any of those things is self-delusional, in my not so humble opinion.

So, crazies: Twitter is all yours...enjoy it! In the mean time, I will continue to converse with my true friends via the vehicles I've been using for decades. And, I'll do my fighting at the ballot box and by holding my government representatives accountable. 

Heck, it might be old-fashioned, but it's how things are done.

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