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There has been much virtual ink spilled over the state of Twitter recently. I guess it's time for me to add my worthless two cents! I think joined Twitter around 2008 or so and was mostly a lurker. It was a really exciting platform to be able to get the pulse of what was going on in the world. I enjoyed the reams of information I learned about pop culture, computer security, and more recently politics and political action. I spent quite a bit of time on the platform since I'm a real geek about reading and learning new things. But, with the recent -- for lack of a better term -- fuckery with Mr. M*sk's purchase and mass-layoffs and trolling, the platform has lost its luster in my eyes. Along with the rampant real (or pretend) White Nationalists and such, I wasn't getting what I needed. Well -- what I had loved was still there, but I increasingly needed to bushwhack my way through a bunch of BS to get to it.  Therefore, I finally decided to click the 'delete' butt